About Us

By combining his education in fine art at Mars Hill University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his study of photography at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California, Kent Murray brings a unique approach to portraiture.

Kent’s dimensional lighting emulates the lighting of master painters.  The illusion of the third dimension of depth is created on a two dimensional surface of canvas or in photographic print.  “Our portrait is so life like” is often the comment of clients and yet there is also an ethereal quality that gives each portrait a slight separation from reality and places it into the artistic realm of portraiture.

His vision though had to do with returning to his home town of Hillsborough and offering quality services to both the “carriage trade” and anyone else who appreciated his art.  He was encouraged to find that his style of portraiture was appreciated by all and developed a number of portrait finishes that spanned from paintings to economy portraits that offered a range from the highest quality portraits to economy portraits that do not sacrifice archival quality for price.

After thirty three years he continues to be devoted to his philosophy of serving the community with top quality portraiture.